About Copper

cop|per [kape] n,

A reddish brown metal with an atomic number of 29 on the periodic table (symbol Cu). The discovery of Copper goes way back to 9000 BC. There is evidence that every ancient metal culture was actually introduced by the use of the red metal. Believe it or not, but early age of Copper probably had its greatest development in the Middle East.

The word going around at that time was ‘Gold’. The addition of Copper in the right amount makes pure gold shine brighter, making it more alluring to the eye. Copper also enhances the flexibility and functionality of gold making it saleable as jewellery and ornaments. Behind the beauty of gold, actually lies Copper. And that’s exactly what we hope to do for you. Copper Communications can be a vital element in your marketing plan. A little bit of Copper could make your brand shine brighter and could definitely make it more alluring.