The Story of Invention of the Shoe*

One day the King of the land woke up with a disturbing thought. Why the soil he rules should soil his feet! He ordered his Chief Minister to find an immediate solution. An expert committee was set up.

They bought thousands of brooms to sweep the country’s dust away. But this led to a massive dust storm. Then they decided to water the dust down. Creating a muddy mess. The experts didn’t know what to do next. Cover the country with carpet? Or get the country leatherbound? Finally, a cobbler came to the King’s court and asked for a chance to solve the problem.

All he did was to cover King’s feet with a leather and resolve the King’s, and Mankind’s problem forever. Thankfully, today advertising also depends more and more on commonsense ideas. No media spillovers and wastage.

*Based on “Invention of the Shoe” – A satirical poem on wrong deployment and wastage of resources by Rabindranath Tagore.