It’s important to KNOW-WHAT and KNOW-WHY, before buying advertising KNOW-HOW.

Buyers of creative and design services are constrained by a lack of clarity on what they want to purchase.

“I was paying out AED 2,500/- per month for SEO/Lead generation. And an additional amount for my website maintenance and updates. Now I have hired a full-time person for AED 2,000/- per month for doing both the jobs.” – A business owner boasting about his smart move.

But will the employee who can be hired full-time forAED 2,000/- a month be able to deliver what the ad agency team was expected to deliver? This is called guilt-free advertising. You get peace of mind because you are doing something for your businesss.

“I am looking for a workshop in Dubai that can design and produce very authentic and creative trophies. If anyone has come across such a place, please do message me their contacts.” – A post in social media by a Marketing Manager

The place the post is looking for and the product it’s expecting to find there, are not business-wise compatible. Would you pay a workshop for trophies anything extra for “creativity”? Then how do you expect them to hire people capable of delivering conceptual designs?

“We invest in the latest technologies and machinery as well as the brightest and most capable of individuals to provide top quality branding solutions.” – From the brochure of an “advertising agency”.

An ad agency’s output depends on people and not on technology and machinery. The majority of advertising businesses are not “ad agencies” and they are ones who require the latest technologies for production of advertising, merchandising and Point of Sale material.

“I am looking for an agency very good in social media but not expensive.” – A Marketing Manager’s ask

Good but inexpensive?
Or good and cost-competitive?