Buyers of creative and design services are often constrained by a lack of clarity on what they want to purchase. It’s important for them to know-what and even know-why, before you can sell your know-how. KNOW-WHAT -1  “I was paying the ad agency AED 2,500/ - per month for SEO/Lead generation. And an additional amount ...
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Small Brands Need Smaller Success Stories

The advertising and marketing trends, analyses, case studies in the media and in the books on the subjects are mostly about large global brands. To smaller businesses, the stories often seem like folktales for coffee-table talk and not examples for them to follow. Stories of smart advertising by big global brands is of not much relevance to a business/brand ...
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“Apple to Apple”

Whatever the need : an ad, a brochure, a film, a logo or a website, shop for the ad agency, not for your project Here is an actual email enquiry: "We are looking at creating a very high end brochure for our company. The design should be very professional (sic) at the ...
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