The global network ad agencies tend to put everything into a large grinder. Sometimes you need a smaller grinder. Sometimes you don’t need a grinder at all. The large agencies still apply the same project management methodologies. So you end up paying for more systems than solutions.

COPPER IS A FULL SERVICE BOUTIQUE AD AGENCY Today, the business is moving to boutique ad agencies. To lower the time cost without compromising quality. Copper caters to businesses which need quality work but find the large ad agencies unapproachable and expensive. The large ad agencies, in turn, find these businesses ad hoc, unmanageable and uneconomical. Today, this is true even for most big brands. That’s why some of them are Copper’s clients.

WHY “FULL SERVICE” IN THIS AGE OF SPECIALIZATION? The specialized agencies are good at what they do, and they also do it at good costs. But they are good only in one particular thing and that can be a problem. Because they tend to believe theirs is the only solution for everything.

ONLY A FULL SERVICE AGENCY CAN SEE THE COMPLETE PICTURE Copper is a Full Service Boutique Ad Agency with a portfolio of global, regional and local brands. Instead of catering to what a business wants, we understand a business and recommend what it needs. Copper – A Vital Element in your marketing communications.


Copper Communications, Dubai