We told the gentleman to close his eyes and try to recall the five logos!

We were presenting the logo design to someone starting a new business. He happens to be a veteran with close to three decades of experience in a service industry. We told him to keep aside the three global brands and the one big regional brand in his industry and then name just five out of the hundreds of local players he could instantly recall. After he gave us the five names, we asked him to close his eyes and then think what the logos of these five companies looked like. He couldn’t describe even one! He had planned his new business to the last detail including an impressive 5-year P&L with which he even managed to rope in two investors. But branding? Even the bare minimum? No, it wasn’t part of his perfect plan! Yes, he did budget for the expenses on signboard, business cards, letterhead, assorted stationery, vehicle graphics. And of course he was aware that all these items will require a logo! (and that was all that he cared about the logo !!) And we were talking to him for the same. Shouldn’t he, at the least, have a logo and branding which can maximise his new business’s exposure and brand recall through the motorbikes and a van that will soon be moving around town as part of his daily operations? The probing and prompting finally opened his eyes! And we managed to execute a brilliant branding concept which hopefully, will soon open the eyes of the competition!